Wednesday, 12 December 2012

GB3CD on 145.6875MHz

It's official GB3CD is on the air with a brand new Icom VHF repeater and the all important LAMCO cavity filters.
GB3CD on 145.6875MHz CTCSS 118.8 located Co Durham.

Pictured Photo from BARAC rally, with ( left to right) Ian G7ESY ( c
lub Chairman) Gail M3GBB (assistant secretary ) Lee 'M0LAM (LAMCO) Dennis 2E1GFL ( publicity officer ).
All equipment supplied by LAMCO Barnsley.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Yaesu FT-DX3000

  • TX Frequency Coverage: 160 - 6 meters
  • RX Frequency Coverage: 30 kHz - 56 MHz
  • Operating Modes: USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM
  • Digital Noise Reduction
  • Large 4.3 inch (dia.) colour TFT display
  • Power Output: 5 to 100 watts HF - 6m
  • IF DSP
  • Built-in Electronic Keyer
  • Built In Antenna Tuner
  • High Speed Spectrum Scope

The Yaesu FTDX3000 transceiver provides ultimate weak signal receiver performance in crowded, strong signal environments. General coverage receive is available from 30 kHz to 56 MHz. Power is adjustable 5 to 100 watts for the amateur bands from 160 to 6 meters. A built-in 4.3-in TFT wide full colour high resolution display provides superior operability and visibility for the FTDX3000D user. A High Speed Spectrum scope located just below the LCD display gives the operator all the information needed to place them at the right place on the band with the right receiver set-up to have a satisfying experience with a casual QSO chat or while digging out a rare desired weak signal contact. Other refinements include: USB interface, 9 MHz IF output, RX-only antenna input, RTTY/PSK encoder/decoder, High speed antenna tuner and a specialized 50 MHz amplifier. 

FT DX 3000 Brief Description

Rugged 100 Watt Output Power

The Amazing Crystal Roofing Filter performance has been proven in the FT DX 5000

The Down conversion 9 MHz 1st IF frequency receiver construction can realise narrow 300 Hz (optional), 600 Hz and 3 kHz bandwidth roofing filters.

Implementing the extra sharp Crystal Roofing Filters provides superior close-in dynamic range and affords the best receiver performance possible.

Outstanding Receiver performance is the heritage of the FT DX 5000
The Essential elements in receiver performance are the RF amplifier and the 1st mixer.

The RF Amplifier has optimized NF points, and the over-sized wide range RF transformer exhibits minimum saturation in strong signal processing. The optimized devices were selected to guarantee superior multi-signal RX performance.

The desired maximum performance has been realized in the development of the FT DX 3000 receiver circuitry. This new radio has the high dynamic rance IP3 performance that was realized and proven in the FT DX 5000.

IF DSP provides effective and optimized QRM rejection
The 32 bit high speed floating decimal DSP (max 2800 MIPS) provides effective cancellation/reduction (DNR) of the random noise that is frequently found on the HF Frequencies.

Auto-Notch (DNF) that automatically eliminates the dominant beat tone

CONTOUR and APF; very effective receiver noise reduction tools in the HF band operations.

Yaesu original DSP QRM and noise reduction are also provided with the new FT DX 3000.

Large and Wide Colour LCD Display
The high-resolution (480 x 272 dots) 3.5-inch wide colour LCD displays the operating information and the status of the transceiver functions.

The various FT DX 3000 functions are displayed on this LCD and provide the operator with easy to read operating information.

High Speed Spectrum Scope built-in
Although the FT DX 3000 only has one receiver, a high speed Spectrum Scope is built into the radio.

When in Auto Mode, the Spectrum Scope display is updated in real time.

The maximum bandwidth of the scope is 1 MHz, and the minimum span width setting is 20 kHz. The best desired span is selectable for the high-resolution display. The current band activity can be monitored in real time.

AF SCOPE display and RTTY/PSK encoder/decoder (optional)
The optional AF SCOPE and optional RTTY encoder/decoder functions have been developed for the FT DX 3000.

The wave form of the AF SCOPE signal can be displayed on the TFT LCD. Also, the RTTY/PSK text may be displayed on the LCD.

Independent Frequency Display
The Main operating frequency is the most important display in the radio, with VFO-A frequency located just above the main dial.

The newly-developed LCD has a wider viewing angle and higher contrast for convenient and effortless viewing.

Other Features

  • Built-In Specialised Receiver amplifier for 50 MHZ
  • Three antenna connectors are provided, with the possibility of assigning the "ANT-3" connector to "RX-Only"
  • Signal output for an external receiver
  • 9 MHz IF output
  • High Speed Automatic antenna tuner built-in
  • Optional ยต-tune unit available
  • USB Interface

The FTDX3000 requires 13.8 VDC at 23 amps. This radio comes with the MH-31B8 hand mic, DC cable spare fuses and plugs. 14.4 x 4.5 x 12.4 inches 22 lbs. (10 kg).

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

MyHAM HF-7B DX-Web powered by LAMCO Barnsley

MyHAM HF-7B DX-Web £249.95 + £15.00 FedEx UK

MyHAM HF-7B DX-Web 322.44Euro + 60.00Euro FedEx Int 

MyHAM are now producing a superb HF aerial in a web design providing

an amazing performance on the ever popular HF bands. The DX-Web

incorporates the 6m band and is proving to be effective on the 4m band

showing on an MFJ-259B i reads R=48 SWR 1.1:1 on 70.400MHz and is

proved to be below 1.4:1 from 70.000MHz to 70.500MHz.

This all new aerial will be a perfect partner for the Icom IC-7100.

We have this amazing aerial on our 40’ mast at the shop providing enjoyment on

20/17/15/12/10/6/4m. Come and have a play in our shop shack.

Engineered to an amazing quality using the finest materials and MyHAM

have been able to modify and improve on similar models.

8’6’’ square

Covering legal power and above.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

LAMCO November News Letter

Hello from the LAMCO Team,
Thank you for taking time to read our November news letter.

We have issued to our website some Autumn Special transceiver prices. We can offer a great part exchange deal or you can simply treat yourself to a new toy. There are limited quantities on all models, so be quick as once they have gone they’ve gone.

Here is a link to our web site.

Don’t forget you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or you can simply add your email address to our Blog Spot news page.

Here are the links.

Best regards

Lee A. Marsh

01226 361700

LAMCO Live Chat

LAMCO Live Chat. 

Give our banner a click it's on the top left handside of our web site.

Yaesu FT-817ND back instock today @ LAMCO Barnsley.

Yaesu UK have just delivered us a mighty fine pile of Yaesu FT-817ND TRX's.

Be quick as they sell fast for Christmas.

Friday, 2 November 2012

MFJ-993B 300W auto ATU instock.

MFJ-993B 300W auto ATU instock.

World’s First dual power level 300/150 Watts SSB/CW Tuner

Select 300 Watt SSB/CW power level and match 6-1600 Ohm antennas Or . . . select 150 Watt SSB/CW power level and match extra wide-range 6-3200 Ohms!

The MFJ-993B IntelliTuner lets you tune any antenna automatically balanced or unbalanced -- ultra fast.

It’s a comprehensive automatic antenna tuning center complete with SWR/Wattmeter, antenna switch for two antennas and 4:1 current balun for balanced lines.

MFJs exclusive IntelliTuner, Adaptive Search and InstantRecall algorithms
give you ultra fast automatic tuning with over 20,000 VirtualAntenna Memories.

You get a highly efficient L-network, 6-1600 ohm matching at 300 Watts SSB/CW
or extra-wide 6-3200 Ohm matching at 150Watts SSB/CW, 1.8-30 MHz coverage, Cross-Needle and digital meters, audio SWR meter, backlit LCD, remote control port, radio interface, heavy-duty 16 amp/1000V relays.

It learns while you’re having fun
As you’re ragchewing, contesting or DXing, your MFJ-993B is learning!

When you transmit, the MFJ-993B automatically tunes for minimum SWR and remembers your frequency and tuner settings. The next time you operate on that
frequency and antenna, these tuner settings are instantly restored and you’re ready to operate in milliseconds!

MFJ new VirtualAntenna Memory system gives you 4 antenna memory banks for each
of 2 antenna connectors. Select up to 4 antennas on each antenna connector. Each antenna has 2500 memories, 20,000 total.

Intelligent ultra fast tuning

MFJs InstantRecallTM first checks its memory to see if you have operated this frequency before. If so, tuning is instant-aneous and you’re ready to operate.
If not, MFJs IntelliTuner algorithm - - based on MFJ s famous SWR Analyzer
technology - - kicks in. It measures the complex impedance of your antenna. Next, it calculates the components it needs and instantly snaps them in. Then, it fine tunes to minimize SWR -- you’re ready to operate. It’s all done in a fraction of a second.

When the impedance is within its measurement range, the MFJ-993B is the fastest automatic antenna tuner in the world.
  • If it can’t accurately determine impedance, MFJ’s AdaptiveSearch algorithm goes into action. Frequency is measured and relevant components values are determined. Only those values are searched for ultra-fast tuning.
  • For even faster searches, you can set the target SWR to 2 (settable 1.0-2.0).
  • You can manually tune when you can’t transmit (for listening out of ham bands).
  • Cross Needle and Digital SWR/Watt Meters
  • Lighted Cross-Needle and digital meters lets you accurately read SWR, forward and reflected power at a glance.
  • An audio SWR meter lets you hear the tuned SWR when you can’t see/read meters.
  • Turn on a highly visible, instant response SWR LCD bargraph when you need it.
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • An easy-to-read backlit LCD displays SWR, forward/reflected power, frequency,
  • antenna 1 or 2, L/C tuner values, on/off indicators and other information.
  • The MFJ-993B is a compact 10W x 2¾H x 9D inches.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

MFJ now @ LAMCO Barnsley Ham Radio

RADARS Radio Rally. Sunday 21/10/2010

RADARS 'Ripon' Nth Yorks Radio Rally

Surplus Equipment Sale

Sunday 21st October 2012

Hugh Ripley Hall, Ripon

North Yorkshire, HG4 2TP

Doors open to stallholders 0800
Doors open to the public 1030

Entry on the door £2 per head (under 16's free)

Tables provided £10 each

Hot and cold food available on the day

Saturday, 6 October 2012

LAMCO News Letter.

Good morning,
                          Hello from LAMCO. Thank you for taking time to read our news letter.   
Since our early beginnings when I was a teenager buying and selling Ham Radio + CB  equipment I have met many people over the last twenty five years who together including myself enjoy this great hobby. Claire (my wife) and I decided that we should develop our business and now ten years has passed since LAM Communications Ltd was born.

That’s correct ten years retailing, importing, buying and dealing. We are celebrating our tenth birthday this month so we have issued some great offer prices to our web site. Here is the link.

Thank you ever so much for supporting our family company. We have to date been able to employ five staff of which two are school leavers giving them the chance to work in very difficult times for the younger generation in the Barnsley area.
We have some new lines coming into stock.
We will be stocking a range of Heil head sets very shortly and I can also confirm a handsome delivery of MFJ ATU’s and analysers will be with us very shortly.

Best regards

 Lee A. Marsh
Claire Marsh

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Monday, 24 September 2012

National Hamfest.

Hi, thank you for taking time to read our news letter.
We are attending the National Ham Fest at the Newark show ground this weekend. Our shop will be closed on Thursday/Friday/Saturday and we will reopen on Monday 1/10/2012 de 0930hrs.
We have some great products on offer for the rally so please call by, say hello while we tempt you into a great new toy for winter.

We have a brand new range of aerials and accessories from D-Original. Here is a link.

We will have some great offers on from Diamond, Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom, LDG to name but a few.
Icom UK will be displaying the all new Icom IC-7100 + the Icom ID-51. Kenwood will have the massive
Kenwood TS-990s.  Yaesu will have the Yaesu FT-DX3000. We are located at the right hand side of the front door in the same place as last year.

We will have our LAMCO DU-1500 ATU’s on display and stock is available at the rally. Here is a link.

Don’t forget if you like APRS we have a great pile of Greenlight Labs GPS-710 modules available.

Our team will be on hand.

Best wishes from

 Lee Marsh ‘M0LAM’
 Claire Marsh
David Workman ‘M0XIT’
Tamsin O’Brien

National Hamfest.

It's the National Hamfest and we are attending.

Oue shop will be closed

We will re-open on 
Monday 1/10/2012 @ 0930hrs.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

LDG Electronics delivery on it's way + details of their two year warranty.

Great news. We have a fresh delivery of LDG ATU's on their way by air freight to keep up the demand for this great US product.

LDG Electrnonics products are supplied with the 2 year LDG warranty where applicable.

Please see LDG Electronic s web site for their warranty details.

Here is the link.


Monday, 10 September 2012

Icom RC-28IP de LAMCO coming soon.

Icom UK Releases Innovative RC-28 IP remote control system for its range of HF Amateur Radio Base Stations

Icom UK Releases Innovative RC-28 IP remote control system for its range of HF Amateur Radio Base Stations
Icom UK is pleased to launch the RC-28 IP remote control system that allows a user to control selected Icom HF Amateur radio transceivers through an IP Network. This new system includes remote control software together with remote control USB encoder which provides users with a radio operator’s style interface for controlling this new software product.
The new system remotely controls compatible Icom transceivers through an IP network and features low voice latency to simulate the same operational experience of using an actual radio. The software element of this system comprises two components: a system configuration application to manage settings such as IP address and audio sampling rate; and remote control software that provides a user interface similar to a radio’s front panel. Memory channels, IF filter settings, interference rejection and most radio functions can be controlled through a home network or over the Internet.
The remote control USB encoder provides control of this system. Utilizing the same quality tuning knob and encoder as used on Icom HF radios, the accessory provides a radio operator’s interface to complement the IP remote control software. The remote control features a sturdy push-to-talk and two user- programmable function keys.
Ian Lockyer, Marketing Manager of Icom UK said, ‘The RC-28 IP remote control system is a perfect addition to an HF operator’s arsenal allowing them to operate their radio from another part of their house. The product will require an understanding of computer networking to set up, but once installed will provide a new level of flexibility to your radio operation.’
He added, ‘to illustrate the system’s capability in conjunction with the USB encoder, demonstrations will be available at the National Hamfest (28th-29th September 2012.) This system is compatible with Icom’s IC-7200, IC-7410, IC-7600 and IC-9100 with a USB cable, and with the IC-756PROIII, IC-7000, IC-7400, IC-7700 and IC-7800 with a RS-232C cable. Suggested retail price for the RC-28 IP remote control system is £282.00 inc.VAT.’

Friday, 7 September 2012

Kenwood TS-990s due in December 2012 de LAMCO Barnsley

Great news form Kenwood Communications.
A planned first delivery of Kenwood TS-990s TRX's should be available from LAMCO in December 2012. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Kinetic Avionics @ the National Hamfest, 2012.

Kinetic Avionics will be our special guest displaying their SBS-3 real time radar equipment at the 'National Hamfest'. Chris Taylor will be on hand with their all new 'Puck' products on Friday.

Call before the show to order your SBS-3 on 01226 361700

£499.95 or 624.94 Euro

Saturday, 25 August 2012


 LAMCO Ham Radio News.

Icom ID-51 VHF/UHF + D-STAR.

Icom Inc. have shown a prototype of a new dual band D-STAR handheld radio at the Tokyo Ham Fair 2012 which is being held between August 25th and 26th 2012 in Tokyo.
The ID-51A/E series D-STAR handheld radio is an evolution of Icom’s ID-31A/E UHF D-STAR Handheld and will be capable of both VV / UU 144MHz + 430MHz dual band operation. The ID-51A/E will also include the much praised menu-driven user interface of the ID-31A/E series with a much bigger LCD screen. The ID-51A/E will also feature integrated GPS & D-STAR as well as IPx7 waterproofing, SD-Card slot and slim body found on the ID-31A/E.
Other planned features include
• VV / UU capable 144MHz and 430MHz dual band (Only one DV signal can be received, similar to the manner as the IC-2820H/E2820 series).
• Limited wideband receive for AM/FM broadcast (no bar antenna), 118-137MHz (AM air band), 137- 174MHz and 380-479MHz
• Larger full dot matrix LCD
• Broadcast mode LCD indication (rather than VFO only, station name can be shown)
• Enhanced logging function. The ID-51A/E records frequencies, time, position and other operation related information on the SD Card.
• Improved automatic response function. The radio may be programmed to have an automated response self call sign for unique reply in addition to regular call sign
• Voice recorder function (not the communication logging function but a simple digital voice recorder function which records your voice).
• One touch voice play back function for contest transmissions
• Frequency and mode of operation speech and specific frequency beep function helps blind hams for easier operation.
• Enhanced RX call sign memory records up to 50 past received call signs, which can be exported to micro SD card.
• Increased memory channel for repeater list (750)/ GPS memory (200).
• Approx 10mm taller and 1mm thicker than the ID-31A/E (weight TBA) • 5 Watts output (tx)

LAMCO Used Gear Demo | ICOM PW-1 & Tokyo Hy-Power HL-2KFX

LAMCO Used Gear Demo | ICOM PW-1 & Tokyo Hy-Power HL-2KFX In this video, David 'M0XIT' Demos two brilliant used Amplifiers, th...