Friday, 31 January 2014

Icom ID-5100 coming to The Ham Radio Shop, LAMCO Barnsley.

First details of Icom’s New Touch screen ID-5100 Dual Band D-STAR Mobile Radio

First details of Icom’s New Touch screen ID-5100 Dual Band D-STAR Mobile Radio
Icom are pleased to announce details of the new ID-5100 dual band D-STAR mobile. As with Icom’s latest range of products, this new model has a new generation design and range of features including large, responsive touch screen LCD, Bluetooth connectivity and second station control through an Android device*.
* Optional Bluetooth unit UT-133 is required. Android software is available free.
Planned Features
• Large, responsive touch screen LCD
• Optional UT-133 Bluetooth unit enables audio accessory connection and Android terminal connection (CI-V via Bluetooth SPP profile).
• Optional VS-3 Bluetooth pendant earpiece microphone has volume adjust buttons, PTT and three programmable buttons. Third party Bluetooth audio accessories may also be compatible (not guaranteed).
• RS-MS1A Android application will be a free to use download. It controls the radio for DR mode operation, exchanging text messages/pictures and showing GPS location over Google Maps.
• Independent VHF and UHF band units (VV/UU capable) for 50W output
• Enhanced DR mode (also include analogue repeaters)
• Added “Nearby Repeater Scan” in DR scan function
• D-Plus reflector usability (can select “reflector” in TO field)
• DV Dual Watch for simultaneously waiting in two DV voice streams (decodes one only)
• Home button (same as ID-51 feature)
• D-PRS enhancements (details to be announced)
• 1,000 memory channels
• Built-in GPS engine (inside the controller, no EXT antenna possible)
• ESN (Electronic Serial Number) / SD Card slot (in the black box main unit).
• New HM-207 control microphone is supplied as standard.
• Other Features
o Wideband receiving (receives 118-137MHz(AM), 137-174/375-550MHz only)
o Antenna RX diversity (second antenna connector)
o TNC/9600bps modem connectivity
o DTMF decode (and mini-repeater control)
These are still preliminary details of the new radio series and specifications may change. Please stay tuned to our website for further details, pricing and availability.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

What's new @ The Ham Radio Shop.

New Products
Ranger RCI-2950
Ranger RCI-2950 12/11/10m transceiver. SSB, AM, CW, FM. Boxed in great cindition. Supplied with 90 days warranty....
Date Added: Wednesday 29 January, 2014
Manufacturer: Ranger

Kenwood TS-2000e USED 12 months warranty
Kenwood TS-2000e, USED. New in November 2013. Supplied with twelve months warranty. This one transceiver covers the HF/50MHz/144MHz/440MHz/1200MHz (1200MHz is optional with UT-20) bands (SSB, CW, FSK, FM and AM modes), with output of up to 100 watts (440 MHz: 50 watts; 1200 MHz 10 watts). Since it is equipped with independent 144/440MHz sub band reception (AM/FM modes only), simultaneous reception on two bands is possible: HF by V/U, V by V, U by U and V by U. A typical application might be to gather local information on 144/440 MHz at the same time as using HF for long range operations. A 'Black Box' model (without the control panel) is also available: this can be used in a vehicle with a mobile head, or controlled by a PC (software provided). IF DSP...
Date Added: Tuesday 28 January, 2014
Manufacturer: Kenwood

Yaesu FT-747 USED  90 days warranty
Yaesu FT-747 HF 100 watts. 90 days warranty. Includes FM board. The VFO is in perfect working order. Supplied with manual, power lead, microphone.  ...
Date Added: Tuesday 28 January, 2014
Manufacturer: Yaesu

Alinco DR-M06 6m mobile USED 12 mths wty
Alinco DR-M06 6m FM mobile. In great condition.   Supplied with twelve months warranty...
Date Added: Tuesday 28 January, 2014
Manufacturer: Alinco

Yaesu FT-897D USED 12 months warranty
  Yaesu FT-897D USED 12 months warranty   Yaesu FT-897D is a rugged, innovative, multiband, multimode portable transceiver for the amateur radio HF/VHF/UHF bands. Providing coverage of the 160-10 meter bands plus the 6 m, 2m, and 70cm bands. It includes operation on the SSB, CW, AM, FM, and Digital modes, and it's capable of 20-Watt portable operation using internal batteries, or up to 100 Watts when using an external 13.8-volt DC power source.  Measuring just 7.9" x 3.2" x 9.1" (without knobs), the FT-897 is unmatched in performance versus size. With the optional FC-30 Automatic Antenna Tuner installed, the convenient sturdy carrying handle of the FT-897 lets you easily transport your HF/VHF/UHF station to a portable location...
Date Added: Tuesday 28 January, 2014
Manufacturer: Yaesu

AOR-8200 MK3, Used, 12 Months Warranty
AOR-8200 MK3, Used, 12 Months Warranty The AOR AR-8200 quickly established itself as the ‘top notch' hand portable receiver providing unsurpassed features. As technology has advanced, so the AR-8200 has evolved through the AR-8200 MK2 drawing from the successful award winning AR-5000 base receiver and more recently from the AR-8600 MK2 transportable receiver, resulting in the AR-8200 MK3 (with 3GHz coverage). Along with an extended receive frequency coverage, the illumination has been further enhanced and high capacity NiMH batteries supplied. Please Note. We cannot provide a warranty on the battery's      ...
Date Added: Tuesday 28 January, 2014
Manufacturer: AOR

Icom ID-E880 Ex Demo 2 Yrs Warranty
ID-E880  Mobile Dual band VHF/UHF D-Star Transceiver Ex Demo Supplied With 2 Years Warranty The ID-E880 is designed to be easy to use and contain a new 'DV mode' feature which allows the operator to access D-Star repeaters in just two steps. The ID-E880 mobile is the successor to the ID-800H mobile transceiver and retains many of the features of its predecessor including switchable dualband capability, detachable controller and 50W power output. The usability of the ID-E880 has been improved with a larger LCD display and a high speed scan capability of up to 50 channels a second. The ID-E880 is ideal for a range of users including foundation licencees, anyone new to D-Star and Ham organisations such as Raynet that are looking for a simple GPS position reporting syste...
Date Added: Saturday 25 January, 2014
Manufacturer: Icom

President Lincoln 2
  - Rotary switch and Up/down channel selector - VFO Mode   (continuous scanning of 28.000 Mhz to 29.700 Mhz) - Volume adjustment and ON/OFF - RF Power - Manual squelch and ASC - Multi-functions LCD display - Frequencies display - S-meter - Public Address - Vox function (Hands free) - ANL filter , NB and HI-CUT - RF Gain / Mike gain - Clarifier - Channels and memories scan - 6 Memories - CTCSS (38 tones) - DCS (104 codes) - Dim - MENU fonction key - Beep Function - Roger Beep - Mode switch AM/FM/LSB/USB/CW - Dual watch - Key locking - SWR (Power Reading /SWR) - Preset 9/19 - TOT (Time Out Timer) adjustable - Front microphone plug - External loudspeaker jack  ...
Date Added: Friday 24 January, 2014
Manufacturer: President

Midland 203 Plus Multi CB Radio
The new Midland 203 plus Citizens Band radio is a Multi Standard CB transceiver with a sensitive receiver that will hear a pin drop!  The Phase Locked Loop circuitry used gives precise frequency control and stability, (pinpoint channel tuning accuracy with separate scan up and down controls); the ceramic filters in the receiver give excellent selectivity, to reduce and eliminate adjacent channel interference. The Midland 203 is supplied with with a microphone, mounting bracket and power supply cable. (with fitted cigar lighter style plug)      TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS       RECEIVER Frequency coverage............................................ from 26.565 to 27.99125 MHz Sensitivity.............................
Date Added: Thursday 23 January, 2014
Manufacturer: LAMCO

Alinco DR-135DX/UK
Alinco DR-135DX & Alinco DX-135DXUK New 28MHz (10m) all mode AM/FM/SSB mobile transceiver from Alinco. Work the world on this amazing band, makes the perfect mobile station or add a suitable power supply and use at home. Frequency range (default)  28.000 - 29.700 MHz Max Frequency range -  25.000-29.90 MHz (programmable) Power Output   1-12watts FM/FM/CW   0-25watts USB/LSB Operating modes  AM/CW/FM/LSB/USB Channel spacing  10 Hz/100 Hz / 1 kHz / 10 kHz Memory 40ch per band (up to 60 per band are programmable via optional software)  Features & Functions          Multi-colour display (7 selectable colours or rainbow mode) with backlight &nb...
Date Added: Thursday 23 January, 2014
Manufacturer: Alinco

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Customer Feedback. Thankyou to The Ham Radio Shop.

Hi. just to thank you for the brilliant customer service whilst buying my new ftdx1200., It is unusual to get customer service as good as yours these days.Thanks for fixing the plug on my base mike,loading the car, and a generous px allowance.The radio is fantastic have had good reports on tx,just need to keep studying with the manual although basic operation is easy. all in all a brilliant buy.

Friday, 24 January 2014

LAMCO-IT-Systems is our sister department for web hosting, design, marketing & PC repairs.

 Call 01226 361 700

Icom IC-7700 New @ £4999.95 one only at this amazing price. Only @ The Ham Radio Shop.

HF/50MHz Transceiver
The IC-7700 HF/50MHz transceiver shares many features with its big brother, the world famous IC-7800. With two independent DSP units, a +40dBm* 3rd order intercept point and ultra wide dynamic range to name but a few of the features.
Double conversion super-heterodyne system
While multiple IF stages often become a cause of signal distortion and spurious emissions, the IC-7700 utilizes a simple double conversion super-heterodyne system using an image rejection mixer. A high performance D-MOS FET array for the 1st mixer stage is infused with a signal from the high-level C/N, high-drive Local Oscillator from the PLL unit. This mixer reduces signal distortion through IF processing and provides a high-fidelity signal to the DSP unit.

110dB dynamic range and +40dBm 3rd order Intercept Point (IP3)
The IC-7700 uses mechanical relay BPF switching, digital preselector, three roofing filters and a simple double super-heterodyne system The IC-7700 provides superior performance in sensitivity, and a superb dynamic range of 110dB, +40dBm IP3 (even in strict USB mode (2.4kHz filter width)).

More than +110dBm 2nd order intercept point (IP2)
More than +110dBm IP2 means the 2nd order distortion from strong broadcast stations will be completely rejected.
* Measurement was made with custom made measuring equipment, due to normal signal generator (SG) and duplexers are limited to about +85dBm. The figure of IP2 is typical value

High specification inband IMD
Inband IMD (intermodulation distortion) is undesired modulation (2nd, 3rd or higher order) caused by the non-linear processing of received multiple signals. The IC-7700 has superior IMD figures. These differences in the IMD figures will be evident especially in CW mode. The sound of the received audio will change and you will be able to copy a weak signal buried in internal distortion or noise.

Band pass filter and mechanical relays
To eliminate as much distortion as possible, the use of semi-conductors has been reduced to a minimum in the high amplitude switching circuit. The IC-7700 also uses large coil condensers in the filter structure. Mechanical relays and large toroidal coils and condensers which are resistant to magnetic saturation are also used to prevent distortion before the input of the band pass filter, and provide superior linearity.

DIGI-SEL (Digital pre-selector) function
The DIGI-SEL function rejects unwanted suppression by out-of-pass band interference at the primary stage of signal processing. It is useful to reject unwanted out of band interference from multi-multi operation or strong broadcast stations. Within the HF bands, the DIGI-SEL automatically tracks the intended signal at a minimum of 2 kHz steps keeping the pre-selector�fs bandwidth cantered on the operating frequency.

The DIGI-SEL has a sharp-pointed very narrow peak characteristic in the pass band. Together with the band pass filter it greatly attenuates out of the pass band. This combination reduces 2nd, 3rd and even higher order IMD components immensely. The centre frequency of the pre-selector is manually adjustable from the DIGI-SEL tuning knob on the front panel.

The IC-7700 has a total of 4 pre-amplifiers, two for HF bands and two for 50MHz. The purpose of pre-amplifiers is to improve receiver sensitivity; for the pursuit of higher gain and a better noise figure. The IC-7700 employs a noiseless feedback design with push-pull amplifiers. Using feedback transformers, the pre-amplifiers provide a high IP3 while keeping a low noise figure.

1st mixer
The mixer element SD5400, used in the IC-7700 applies a 16V peak to peak voltage LO signal. Icom�fs wideband power-amplifier technical knowledge is used in this mixer to generate such a high-level LO signal.

Two AGC Loops
The IC-7700 has two Automatic Gain Control loops. The first AGC loop prevents the saturation of the 1st IF amplifier from strong signals out of the Band Pass Filter bandwidth, and improves the dynamic range against adjacent signals. The second AGC loop detects the AGC voltage at the digital IF filter output which only passes the intended signal without causing AGC blocking. In addition to the preset AGC time constants (slow, medium and fast), the manual AGC volume provides flexible detailed AGC tuning.

Three filters including 3kHz
The IC-7700 employs three filters of 15kHz, 6kHz and 3kHz before the 1st amplifier. Icom have used special customized high specification devices to improve IMD and achieve better impedance characteristics. As a result, the 3kHz roofing filter provides approximately 134dB of blocking dynamic range and allows you to pull out a weak signal while blocking strong adjacent signals.
* At 14.1MHz receive, with 5kHz separation of interference signal.

2nd image rejection mixer
The image rejection mixer for the 2nd stage rejects image spurious through IF processing. In conjunction with the roofing filters, rejection characteristics of more than 100 dB can be realized. The result of the stable operation of the analogue image rejection mixer makes it possible to design a simplified receiver circuit, and improve the distortion-free performance of the receiver.

High stability OCXO unit
The frequency control of these circuits is done by the high stability Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator unit. This OCXO unit has �}0.05ppm high stability on the basis of temperature. That means that within the specified temperature range, the frequency will deviate only 5Hz out of every 100 million Hz! This specification is equivalent to that specialized measuring equipment. Also, a 10MHz reference frequency can be the input/output for external equipment

7-inch wide colour TFT LCD
The large 7-inch (800 �~ 400 pixels) TFT colour display shows operating frequencies various settings and operating conditions as well as spectrum scope, S-meter and RTTY/PSK31 decoded messages. The S-meter shows near analogue like needle swings that are smooth and accurate. In addition to the 3 styles of digital meter, the IC-7700 has digital multi-function bar graphic meters to show various conditions such as Final PA temperature, PA voltage etc. Further more, the IC-7700 has a VGA connector for an external monitor and an S-meter connector for an external analogue S-meter.

USB ports on the front panel
Two USB ports on the front panel, allowing you to easily connect USB type keyboard or USB memory stick to save transceiver settings, update firmware, or transfer settings to other IC-7700's.

RTTY / PSK31 operation without PC connection

£6,199.95   £4,999.96

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CB Radio and 10m SSB transceivers arrive at LAMCO President, Midland, Alinco.

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Alinco DR-135DX/UK
Alinco DR-135DX/UK
Model : DR-135DX/UK
Manufacturer : Alinco
Alinco DR-135DX & Alinco DX-135DXUK New...
Midland 203 Plus Multi CB Radio
Midland 203 Plus Multi CB Radio
Model : 203 Plus Mul
Manufacturer : LAMCO
The new Midland 203 plus Citizens Band radio is a ...
President Grant 2
President Grant 2
Model : Grant 2
Manufacturer : President
Brand new mobile CB radio, the President Grant I...
President Jackson 2
President Jackson 2
Model : Jackson 2
Manufacturer : President
President Jackosn 2 - 40 channels AM / FM / LS...
Thunderpole T-1000
Thunderpole T-1000
Model : Thunderpole
Manufacturer : Thunderpole
The Thunderpole T-1000 is an advanced, modern, use...
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