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Tips & Tricks for your Icom ID-51

ID-51 Tricks and Tips

The New ID-51 supplied by Icom UK is pre-programmed by us with the latest available programming file.

This file contains D-Star repeaters by geographic area: SE, SW, Mid, North, Scot, Wales, NIreland.  These areas are fairly arbitrary.

The current list of Analogue VHF and UHF repeaters (as on is also included and there is a pre-programmed example bank of our local Kent Repeaters to get you started.

All you need to do is add your own callsign to the Digital section of the ID-51 configuration and you should be able to work through your local D-Star repeater.  Press <Menu>, <My Station>, <My Callsign>, <Quick>, <Edit>, then change each character in turn.  When finished, press the centre button to save.  See page 3 of the basic instruction manual.
In the cloning software, it is found in <Digital>, <My Station>, <Call Sign>.

Don't forget if you wish to work through the D-Star network, beyond your local repeater, your callsign needs to be registered on the network.  This is best done with your local D-Star repeater gateway keeper but can be done by any gateway-connected repeater keeper. A list of the UK D-Star repeaters can be found here:

You can see the current activity on the D-Star network at:

Some tips for setting up your ID-51

Increasing the Microphone audio level
You can increase the internal microphone level in both the radio menu and clone software.
By default it is set at “3”  and we recommend you increase it to “4”  for use in the UK. This adjustment can be found in the <menu> <function> <Mic Gain (internal)>. Alternatively you can adjust the level in the cloning software in “Common Setting”.

Bass and Treble for D-Star transmissions
You can also change the Bass and Treble for D-Star transmissions. For the UK you may wish to try increasing the treble. This can be found in the menu <DV Set> <Tone Controls>.

SD Card
You can save all the clone data, Voice recordings etc. in the radio to a mini SD card and then read them on your computer. The clone data is saved to a .icf file.

If you have any comments on these matters, please email

Thank you

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Icom ID-51 now available


Icom Inc. have shown a prototype of a new dual band D-STAR handheld radio at the Tokyo Ham Fair 2012 which is being held between August 25th and 26th 2012 in Tokyo.
The ID-51A/E series D-STAR handheld radio is an evolution of Icom’s ID-31A/E UHF D-STAR Handheld and will be capable of both VV / UU 144MHz + 430MHz dual band operation. The ID-51A/E will also include the much praised menu-driven user interface of the ID-31A/E series with a much bigger LCD screen. The ID-51A/E will also feature integrated GPS & D-STAR as well as IPx7 waterproofing, SD-Card slot and slim body found on the ID-31A/E.
Other planned features include
• VV / UU capable 144MHz and 430MHz dual band (Only one DV signal can be received, similar to the manner as the IC-2820H/E2820 series).
• Limited wideband receive for AM/FM broadcast (no bar antenna), 118-137MHz (AM air band), 137- 174MHz and 380-479MHz
• Larger full dot matrix LCD
• Broadcast mode LCD indication (rather than VFO only, station name can be shown)
• Enhanced logging function. The ID-51A/E records frequencies, time, position and other operation related information on the SD Card.
• Improved automatic response function. The radio may be programmed to have an automated response self call sign for unique reply in addition to regular call sign
• Voice recorder function (not the communication logging function but a simple digital voice recorder function which records your voice).
• One touch voice play back function for contest transmissions
• Frequency and mode of operation speech and specific frequency beep function helps blind hams for easier operation.
• Enhanced RX call sign memory records up to 50 past received call signs, which can be exported to micro SD card.
• Increased memory channel for repeater list (750)/ GPS memory (200).
• Approx 10mm taller and 1mm thicker than the ID-31A/E (weight TBA) • 5 Watts output (tx)

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Used Equipment Wanted by LAMCO

Wakefield and District Radio Society.

Wakefield and District Radio Society.

A great radio club in West Yorkshire.

Wakefield & District Radio Society

Good morning and Welcome to Northern Cross Rally 2013 - CANCELLED!
Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have regretfully had to cancel the Northern Cross Rally which was to be held on the 17th of February. For more details, contact the Chairman and Rally Manager, Ken G8FSO on 07 900 563 117 or email
Latest Update - 28th January 2013
The Notice of Variation to my licence arrived from OfCom today, and I have placed the node on the air, on its new frequency of 144.9125MHz.
My thanks to Steve of the ETCC for help resolving this problem.
Please give it a try and let me know of any problems.

73 Dave G4CLI Node Operator
Tel 07 748 221 855 or email

This page last updated 28th January 2013

The latest success for the training team - four Foundation passes!
Gerard Fleming, Victoria Fleming, Michael Sanderson and Peter Smith
Congratulations to both them and the Training Team
We look forward to hearing and working them!

 Meetings are held most Thursday evenings at the
Wakefield 23rd (Methodist) Scout HQ
behind 253, Barnsley Road, Wakefield, WF1 5NU.
New downloadable quite funny post war
documentary on Ham Radio Click Here!
Latest HF and VHF Propagation Summary

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Please note that we have been  asked to remind members and visitors
that driving and/or parking on the large grass area in front of the
Club HQ is NOT permitted!
Latest News from Southgate ARC:


The Society is pleased to announce that following considerable effort by Dave G4CLI, John G7JTH and Ken G8FSO, a grant has been received from the "Awards for All" programme of the National Lottery.
You can find details of the award here
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Mexborough & District Amateur Radio Society

Mexborough & District Amateur Radio Society

A great radio club in South Yorkshire.

Introducing: The LAMCOMBO Lite

The LAMCOMBO Lite by LAMCO, get a FREE CRT-279UV when you purchase an ICOM IC-7300 To find out more, visit: