Saturday, 25 August 2012


 LAMCO Ham Radio News.

Icom ID-51 VHF/UHF + D-STAR.

Icom Inc. have shown a prototype of a new dual band D-STAR handheld radio at the Tokyo Ham Fair 2012 which is being held between August 25th and 26th 2012 in Tokyo.
The ID-51A/E series D-STAR handheld radio is an evolution of Icom’s ID-31A/E UHF D-STAR Handheld and will be capable of both VV / UU 144MHz + 430MHz dual band operation. The ID-51A/E will also include the much praised menu-driven user interface of the ID-31A/E series with a much bigger LCD screen. The ID-51A/E will also feature integrated GPS & D-STAR as well as IPx7 waterproofing, SD-Card slot and slim body found on the ID-31A/E.
Other planned features include
• VV / UU capable 144MHz and 430MHz dual band (Only one DV signal can be received, similar to the manner as the IC-2820H/E2820 series).
• Limited wideband receive for AM/FM broadcast (no bar antenna), 118-137MHz (AM air band), 137- 174MHz and 380-479MHz
• Larger full dot matrix LCD
• Broadcast mode LCD indication (rather than VFO only, station name can be shown)
• Enhanced logging function. The ID-51A/E records frequencies, time, position and other operation related information on the SD Card.
• Improved automatic response function. The radio may be programmed to have an automated response self call sign for unique reply in addition to regular call sign
• Voice recorder function (not the communication logging function but a simple digital voice recorder function which records your voice).
• One touch voice play back function for contest transmissions
• Frequency and mode of operation speech and specific frequency beep function helps blind hams for easier operation.
• Enhanced RX call sign memory records up to 50 past received call signs, which can be exported to micro SD card.
• Increased memory channel for repeater list (750)/ GPS memory (200).
• Approx 10mm taller and 1mm thicker than the ID-31A/E (weight TBA) • 5 Watts output (tx)

Icom IC-7100 HF/6/4/2/70

LAMCO Ham Radio News.

Icom IC-7100 HF/6/4/2/70 + D-STAR.

Icom Inc. have shown a new sample of a revolutionary HF/VHF/UHF Amateur Radio Mobile Transceiver with touch screen control called the IC-7100 at the Tokyo Ham Fair 2012.

The IC-7100 is a HF+6m+VHF+UHF all mode compact radio with an innovative slanted touch-screen LCD controller. A first for an Icom transceiver, the IC-7100 is designed to the 70MHz band in European versions where 70MHz is open to Amateur radio enthusiasts. To maintain its commitment to D-STAR, all versions of the IC-7100 will come with standard D-STAR DV mode.

Since the launch of the original IC-706 in 1995, Icom has been leading the market of HF/VHF/UHF multi-band mobile radios. The popularity of vehicular mounted amateur radios may not be as high as the times of the IC-706 series, but the IC-7100 has been carefully designed to reignite Amateurs’ interest in mobile communications and brings digital communication opportunity to a wider range of radio Amateurs.

Planned Features include
• Slanted front separated controller with large touch screen dot matrix LCD (controller cannot be attached to body front)
• Speaker is self contained inside the controller
• Full mode (SSB, CW, AM, FM, RTTY decode) and D-STAR DV
• HF (100W) / 50MHz (100W) / 70MHz (50W) / 144MHz (50W) / 430MHz (35W) (Note: Power may be different according to version. The 70MHz band is available for some versions only)
• Lower current consumption / cooler operation (compared with the IC-7000)
• SWR meter function also works for VHF and UHF bands
• Remote power on / off
• IF DSP for filtering / interference removal / noise reduction
• SD memory card slot, voice recording
• USB Audio In / Out, remote control
• +/- 0.5ppm frequency stability
• 505ch memory channels

Thursday, 23 August 2012

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Kinetic Avionics Press Relase.

Kinetic Avionics to release lightweight, portable, price busting hardware.

You heard first from LAMCO.

Great news Chris, please keep us informed.

Kinetic Avionics Limited today announced the forthcoming release of two new, low cost, receivers for the 1090MHz ADS-B and SDR markets design to compete and undercut competitors such as AirNav, whilst delivering Kinetic traditional quality. These will be released at the same time and will come complete with Basestation software and other utilities for the Windows and Mac platforms.

The "BLUE PUCK" is a 1090 MHz ADS-B receiver as used in the SBS-3. It comes complete with a 1090 MHz antenna and connects to the computer using a micro-USB lead. The "BLUE PUCK" will allow existing users to move from home to the field swapping between their SBS-3 and "BLUE PUCK" without having to make any configuration changes to their BaseStation setup.

The "BLACK PUCK" is a single receiver SDR, operating from 27 MHz to 980 MHz, using the same technology as the SBS-3. Providing digital / audio over USB and or reception of ACARS , AIS and broadcast stations.
Again, this device is intended to support existing SBS-1 customers and new customers alike.

Both devices will be very competitively priced to undercut competitors and offer the class of functionality provided by the SBS family of devices.

Launch date and pricing to follow

R.A.T.S. Radio Rally

The R.A.T.S. Real Radio Rally is this Sunday. 'Rugby'.

We will be there weather permitting.

Talk-in GB5RRR
Sunday 19 August 2012

We hope all who attended in 2011 enjoyed the day, despite the damp start.  However, it soon brightened up and got warm.  As seems to be our tradition, it was a bit squally setting up the afternoon before and then wet in the evening!  There were no complaints so we assume the improved road signage in the vicinity was adequate.  A few used the talk-in on S22 but none on GB3ME.  The APRS experiment worked well with good range.

Please note our Rally is still on a SUNDAY

Princethorpe College is about 7 miles south-west of Rugby.  This new open-air site has well kept grounds with proper porcelain loos nearby and we have direct control over the food provision,which will be there as usual!  Access roads are good and the site is not far from the A45.

As usual a talk-in station on 2m (S22 145.550 MHz) and 70cms GB3ME (RB06) will be provided from 08:00 until 12:00, to aid navigation to the venue.  It is also intended to run 2m APRS again, once we are setup on Sat 18th until the end of the Rally on the Sunday afternoon

The Society Committee have always emphasised that this is a REAL Radio Rally.  Therefore we don’t have any of the big traders and positively encourage the smaller specialist traders to attend.  The Rally is the best place to get all those little items that you always run out of, plus it’s a haven for homebrew enthusiasts with loads of “junk” that will get that project finished at the right price.  There are always some good value computer bits and pieces.  Don’t forget to visit the club stand, (the one with the RATS Banner!) exchange greetings and get a great bargain - you’d be surprised what we collect over the year(s) and have to sell, to make space for more stuff!  Please note that there is no provision for waste disposal on site, so all traders and visitors must take their rubbish home with them.

Full details of the booking arrangements and contact details are available on the linked RATS Rally 2012.pdf and a complete set of excellent instructions on how to get there are here: - New Dir to Princethorpe.pdf

Please note, access to the College is from the B4453 road which passes to its south, not from the the A423.  CV23 9PY is the suggested postcode to use for your ‘satnav’ to get you onto the B4453 (please see Directions link above).  If coming from Princethorpe village, carry on about 200 yards to the west, where the College entrance will be found on the north side of a 45 degree left hand bend.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Ballon Flight.

Listen out for this tramsmission on 18/8/2012 @ 1030hrs BST.

  Peter Brwone will be launching our balloon at 10.30 on the 18th Aug, weather permitting
Launch site RH176SR ( mid Sussex, UK )

434.075 ( frequency will shift with varying temperature )
Carrier Shift 450
Baud Rate 50
Bits 7ascii
Parity None
Stop bits 1

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