Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Kinetic Avionics Press Relase.

Kinetic Avionics to release lightweight, portable, price busting hardware.

You heard first from LAMCO.

Great news Chris, please keep us informed.

Kinetic Avionics Limited today announced the forthcoming release of two new, low cost, receivers for the 1090MHz ADS-B and SDR markets design to compete and undercut competitors such as AirNav, whilst delivering Kinetic traditional quality. These will be released at the same time and will come complete with Basestation software and other utilities for the Windows and Mac platforms.

The "BLUE PUCK" is a 1090 MHz ADS-B receiver as used in the SBS-3. It comes complete with a 1090 MHz antenna and connects to the computer using a micro-USB lead. The "BLUE PUCK" will allow existing users to move from home to the field swapping between their SBS-3 and "BLUE PUCK" without having to make any configuration changes to their BaseStation setup.

The "BLACK PUCK" is a single receiver SDR, operating from 27 MHz to 980 MHz, using the same technology as the SBS-3. Providing digital / audio over USB and or reception of ACARS , AIS and broadcast stations.
Again, this device is intended to support existing SBS-1 customers and new customers alike.

Both devices will be very competitively priced to undercut competitors and offer the class of functionality provided by the SBS family of devices.

Launch date and pricing to follow

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