Saturday, 11 June 2011

What do you think to our new Blogg?

In our quest for more and improved social networking and faster and more efficient communicatuion to our customers and followers, I would like your feedback.

Is our blogg page easy to navigate, clean and represents LAMCO?

Will you follow our company better rather than the magazines which are becoming out of date as soon as we go to press?

We believe that societies ability to communicate by the internet, mobile phones, email, bloggs, facebook, twitter, youtube and our own web site will ultimately allow us to be completely online within the next few years and do away with magazine advertising. It's sadly a sign of the times, but we must move with the times and not look back as we all speed ever quicker forwards.

My nine year old daughter now submits all her home work on line and now doesn't seem to have books!

If you don't want to reply on here then please feel free to call me or email me your thoughts.

Times are achanging!!

Lee A. Marsh
01226 361 700

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