Sunday, 4 March 2012

Diamond CP-6

Due into stock this week. The Diamond CP-6 HF vertical.

 Diamond CP6 The CP6 covers six popular HF bands, including the 6m band. For DX work you need low angle radiation which is just what you get from this popular model. It will outperform dipoles when it comes to long distance contacts and even compares favourably with beams located 10m or more above ground. Unlike other verticals you don’t need long wire radials. With this antenna you get adjustable rigid radials that are self supporting, and a DC return in the base matching unit helps the antenna get rid of static noise which other models suffer from. You can adjust the antennas for each band, something you will have to do on 80m as the bandwidth is quite narrow. The radials may be arranged in a 360 degree circle or 180 degree arc. * Bands: 3.5 - 28MHz (CP5) 3.5 -50MHz (CP6) * Power: 200W * VSWR: Better than 1.5:1 * Socket: SO-239 * Height: 4.6m * Radials: 1.8m adjustable

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