Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Diamond SD-330 HF mobile aerial.

It works very well on our van.

The Diamond SD-330 HF aerial. £419.95 

The antenna comprises a base loaded electrinically tuned "screwdriver" antenna with a flexible whip mounted on a spring coil. The total height is 1.7m approx depending on frequency. From the antenna is a detachable DC cable with a total length of approx. 22ft of DC feed cable. This includes a short detachable length at the car end which comprises a remote up/down press button unit and a cigar plug. The current drawn is just 100 mA.
Tuning is achieved by pressing either the up or down button and listening for the signals to peak in strength. This is very noticeable and gets you very close to minimum VSWR. Any fineup/down adjustments can be carried out with the radio's aVSWR meter. The antenna has a large diameter base coil and can be tuned to any frequency in the range 3.5 - 30MHz.
Brief Specs:
* 3.5 - 30MHz
* 200 Watts SSB
* Overall length 1.7m
* Base connector PL-259
* DC cable length 22ft terminated cigar plug
* Remote up/down controller.

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